The department of Orthopaedics & Traumatology is headed by Dr.Chapala Vamsi Krishna. Dr.Vamsi Krishna is expert in Joint Replacements & Spinal Surgeries. 

Dr.Vamsi Krishna has succesfully conducted difficult & complicated surgeries in Fracture fixations, Joint Replacement Surgeries, Spinal Surgeries (spinal fixations and Discs), Polio, CTEV (Club Foot) and Cerebral Palsy (CP) surgeries, Deformity Corrections apart from routine & regular surgeries.

  • 1. Succesfully treated comminuted,compound fractures
  • 2. Succesfully performed TOTAL KNEE JOINT REPLACEMENT (TKR) SURGERIES & TOTAL HIP JOINT REPLACEMENT (THR) SURGERIES in patients with simple to complex, complicated joint problems & in failed surgeries.
  • 3. Succesfully performed Revision Joint Replacement Surgeries.
  • 4. Succesfully performed Deformity corrections of joints (Both Congenaital & Aquired) around the Knee & Elbow.
  • 5. Succesfully performed surgeries for Nerve Palsies of hand & foot giving them a useful functional hand & foot.
  • 6. Succesfully performed surgeries for Recurrent Shoulder Dislocations giving them a stable & normal shoulder joint.

Dr.Vamsi is EXPERT in Ilizarov Ring fixations, Neglected & Old Fracture fixations , Nerve Transpositions 

Dr.Vamsi has succesfully performed more than 500 surgeries on handicapped children giving them a near normal life.

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